Reusable Balloons

Make an impact with Shake Up Your Showroom’s inventory of reusable balloons. Reusable balloons are better for the environment and represent a sustainable option for those wishing to draw attention to their dealership or showroom. Reusable balloons are also more cost-effective compared to conventional balloons, as you won’t have to continue purchasing them after every use. Shake Up Your Showroom’s reusable balloons are perfect for daily use and special occasions. Opt for the more advanced, cost-saving, environment-friendly, reusable balloons from Shake Up Your Showroom. Draw attention to your stunning lineup with high-quality, durable, reusable balloons today!

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We only ship to the Continental United States. We DO NOT ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

Reusable Balloon FAQs

How do reusable balloons work?

Reusable balloons are made of durable materials that allow for the casing to be blown up and deflated multiple times. They are then either clustered or set up individually on a sturdy aluminum pole.

How long do reusable balloons last?

Reusable balloons will not pop unless they are punctured or damaged. They are designed to withstand being outside and be able to inflate and deflate whenever you choose.

Are reusable balloons better for the environment?

Yes! Regular balloons are only intended for one use and thus are more frequently discarded. A regular balloon is often made of harsh plastics or other materials that can be harmful to the environment when thrown away in excess.

How do you inflate a reusable balloon?

Different types of reusable balloons will have different inflation methods. Often, it will involve using a pump or your mouth for manual inflation.

Do reusable balloons require helium?

Because reusable balloons are supported by rods, they do not require helium to remain in the air.

How do reusable balloon clusters work?

Clusters allow you to display multiple reusable balloons at once. Simply attach the reusable balloons to the cluster arms and then to the rods connected to the ground. You can easily add more clusters by purchasing multiple kits.

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