Whether you are looking to stand out from the competition or celebrate the holidays, the selection of vehicle flags available at Shake Up Your Showroom will take your inventory to the next level. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes and uncover the tools to attract buyers to your dealership. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, vehicle flags will highlight a special event, support a holiday, or showcase which vehicles are on sale, in a fun way! Made of high-quality, weather-resistant material, vehicle flags are the perfect touch to any dealership. Stand out from the competition and order your vehicle flags online today.

Vehicle Flags Designs and Features

Shake Up Your Showroom has a wide variety of car flags available. From arch banners and slogan hoodies to clip-on flags, swooper flags, and feather flags, Shake Up Your Showroom has a selection of customizable banners to highlight your inventory. Towering swooper banners or feather flags will catch the eye of potential customers while arch banners, hoodies, and clip-on flags spotlight certain vehicles. Vehicle flags are perfect for holiday celebrations such as independence day, memorial day, veterans day, the new year, and more! All of Shake Up Your Showroom’s flag selection is made with a high-quality and weather-resistant design, so you can highlight your selection from the showroom or lot of your dealership.

Shake Up Your Showroom

If you are searching for a way to catch the attention of potential customers, make your inventory stand out, or celebrate holidays or events, Shake Up Your Showroom offers a selection of accessories for your dealership’s inventory. At an unbeatable price, Shake Up Your Showroom offers car bows, banners, flags, hang-tags, license plate frames, and promotional display kits that are eye-catching and easy to install. Shop our online inventory or contact Shake Up Your Showroom for more information about our inventory.

Car Flag FAQs

Where can I ship car flags?
Shake Up Your Showroom ships everywhere in the continental United States. We do not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

What vehicle flags can I choose from?
Shake Up Your Showroom’s vehicle flag inventory consists of:

  • Arch Banners
  • Slogan Vehicle Hoodies
  • Clip-On Flags
  • Swooper Flag
  • Feather Flags

What comes in an arch banner kit?
The arch banner kit includes a 4 piece pole set with a carry case, arch banner, and two tire bases. When the kit is assembled it will be 9 ft 8 in. tall and 7 ft by 7 in wide.

How are hoodies installed?
To install vehicle flag hoodies, simply open the vehicle’s hood and secure the elastic edge around the hood. When the hood is closed, the flag hoodie can not move.

What are the dimensions of clip-on flags?
Vehicle flags are 11 inches tall and 13 inches wide.

Can I drive with clip-on flags?
Yes, you can drive with clip-on flags. Molded clips with double-sided adhesive foam help the clip stay on.

What are the dimensions of swooper flags?
When fully assembled, swooper flags are 15 feet tall including the ground spike base. The flag itself is 2 feet and 5.5 inches wide and 11 feet 5.75 inches tall.

What are the dimensions of feather flag kits?
Feather flag kits are 11.5 feet tall when fully assembled.

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