Hang Tags

Hang Tags for Car Dealerships

Decorate your inventory’s rear-view mirrors with Shake Up Your Showroom’s premium selection of hang tags! Perfect for making an impact and highlighting different events, hang tags are a great way to inform customers of various promotions or holiday deals. These hang tags may come as a part of a larger promotional package or can stand alone as an individual item. Made with quality heavy card stock, our hang tags are sold min of 250 and come in many different styles. Get your hang tags from Shake Up Your Showroom, specifically designed and tested to work for your specific business needs.

Call us at (877) 424-4433 for special orders or if you have any questions.

We only ship to the Continental United States. We DO NOT ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

Hang Tags FAQs

What are the hang tags made of?

Shake Up Your Showroom’s hang tags are made of quality heavy card stock.

How large are the hang tags?

While sizes may vary, many of our individual hang tags are sized at 4.25 x 11 inches.

What are hang tags used for?

Hang tags are used to decorate rear view mirrors, or could also be used for door handles. They highlight various events or holiday celebrations at your dealership.

How many hang tags are sold at a minimum?

Individual hang tags are sold at a minimum of 250 and are a great way to advertise across individual cars.

Do hang tags come individually?

You can buy Shake Up Your Showroom hang tags on their own, or as part of a promotional package including other premium products.

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