Car Hood Wraps

Make an instant impact with our statement car hood wraps. You can attach our car hood wraps in seconds and deliver an incredible result for your front-line vehicles. Available in both Large and Medium sizes, the fitted stretch polyester fabric wraps around the hood of the vehicle with ease. Simply open the vehicle’s hood to apply; the elastic edge will secure the car hood wrap to the vehicle’s hood. Once the vehicle hood is closed, the car hood wrap cannot be removed. Perfect for both cars and trucks, our signature car hood wrap is ideal for test drives, special occasions, or marketing deals and events. You can even customize your car hood wrap to best represent your dealership or a specific model. Purchase a car hood wrap today and stand out against the competition!

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We only ship to the Continental United States. We DO NOT ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

Car Hood Wrap FAQs

What are car hood wraps made of? Will it scratch the vehicle?

Car Hood Wraps are made of soft polyester material guaranteed not to scratch the paint of the vehicle.

How do you attach the car hood?

Simply open the car’s hood and attach the elastic edge around the hood. The Polyester material will stretch to give the hood wrap a perfect fit!

Can I get a custom design?

Yes! We offer custom-designed car hood wraps. See Custom Vehicle Hoodies for more details.

Will the car hood wrap fit my car/truck?

Our car hood wraps are specially designed to fit most vehicles, this includes both cars and trucks. The polyester material allows for a decent stretch around the hood, accommodating for variance in size.

Where can I ship a car hood wrap?

Shake Up Your Showroom ships everywhere in the continental United States. We DO NOT ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

How large is a car hood wrap?

Our car hood wraps vary in size. We offer a medium size, 4′ 9″ wide by 3′ 3″ tall, and a large size, 5′ 3″ wide by 4′ tall.

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