Month: November 2018

Perfect for Embellishing Anything You Choose!

Nothing looks more festive and decorative than a shiny red bow! Our car bows ship flat for your convenience. To activate your car bow, simply pull the string and watch it transform before your eyes. All it takes is a few seconds and you’ll have a fabulous yet easy decoration ready to be placed and displayed wherever you choose.

Our car bows tie with a heavy-duty suction cup designed to be positioned on a vehicle windshield or other surfaces of your choice. The suction cup will not budge once it is placed, even in wind, rain, or snow. The exterior of our bows is crafted from a shiny, high-quality, weather resistant material that can be used indoors or outdoors. This particular bow is 12 inches in diameter with two 8-inch-long tails.

Place them on the windshield of a vehicle to highlight a price, year or vehicle feature, on a new product display, or on presents such as a kitchen appliance, a bike, or anything that cannot be traditionally wrapped. The versatile size of these bows allows them to be used on almost anything that needs to be emphasized with a big shiny bow!

Use our car bows to decorate your showroom, your office cubicles or any space worthy of a beautiful bow! There is no better way to spread holiday cheer than with shiny decorations to help spread joy to your customers, friends, and family. Our car bows will get the job done. Put yourself in the holiday spirit and place your order today to get ahead and start decorating for the holiday season as soon as you can. Bring the holidays to your products!

Call us at (877) 424-4433 for special orders or orders over 20 sets of two (40 bows).

Product Information:

• Indoor or outdoor usage
• Made of high-quality weather-resistant / waterproof vinyl
• Blue, Gold, Green, Patriotic, Pink, Red, Silver, White
• Call for custom orders


Perfect to Display Throughout the Holiday Season

Deck the halls! Get in the holiday spirit with our festive themed Giant Car Bows. Our bows can help you draw in more customers and drive your holiday sales forward. You can display our car bows throughout the holiday season.  Our car bows are priced affordably to make sure you get your money’s worth!

The Giant Car Bows come in red, green, silver, or custom colors. The choice is yours! We know that your customers will love them. You can also choose from a variety of finishes including a water-resistant vinyl and plush velvet.

Our car bows are guaranteed to make a high impact and draw in more customers to your retail store. Your customers will appreciate the extra time spent decorating your store for the holidays. Small details matter! And who doesn’t enjoy beautiful themed decorations? Holiday-themed bows will keep your business looking festive for all of your customers.

At Shake Up Your Showroom, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Order our car bows online today.

Are you looking for a way to add extra decoration to your car dealership or retail store? Call us at (877) 424-4433 for special orders or questions.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 30″ wide with two 30″ long x 4 1/2″ wide tails
  • Variety of color combos and finishes available
  • Non-scratch soft magnetic base
  • Minimum order of 2 bows*
  • Call for custom orders

Black Friday Decorations on Sale NOW!

Black Friday is the BIGGEST sales event of the entire year. Your car dealership or retail store should start preparing now for the spike in customers and drop in prices on your inventory. Our Black Friday themed promotional decorations are perfect for getting the job done and advertising all of your deals.  Our high-quality and bold graphics will make a high impact, guaranteed.

We even have Black Friday themed Giant Car Bows to place around your store or on top of your showroom vehicles. Nothing draws in attention and crowds like a giant car bow.

Another great option for your car dealership is our Black Friday Blowout Flag Hoodies! Add instant impact to your featured vehicles in seconds. The fitted stretch polyester fabric wraps around the hood of the vehicle with ease.  Simply open the vehicle’s hood to apply; the elastic edge will secure the Hoodie and once the vehicle hood is closed it will stay in place! Our Flag Hoodies are great for test drives and crafted out of soft polyester material guaranteed not to scratch the paint of the vehicle.

Don’t wait, order now and start preparing your dealership for the crowds that will be sure to flock to your store this Black Friday Weekend!

Product Information: Flag Hoodies

  • Fits most Cars and Trucks!
  • Large Size 5′ 3″ wide by 4′ tall.
  • Full-color digital printing.
  • No Additional Charges if you provide Camera Ready artwork to size.
  • Additional set up charge of $45; includes a single proof of the art.

Are you looking for a way to add extra decoration to your car dealership or retail store? Call us at (877) 424-4433 for special orders or questions


Don’t Miss Out on The Biggest Sales Event of the Year!

Black Friday is only the biggest sales event of the entire year. Your business needs eye-catching decorations to stand out from other stores and make sure customers choose to shop your sales! The competition is fierce on Black Friday Weekend. Start preparing now and order your Black Friday decorations online today. Our Black Friday Promotional materials are perfect for advertising your special sales this year and making sure that your business does not get lost in the crowd.  Our eye-catching graphics will make an impact on your customers, guaranteed.

The Black Friday Blowout banners are perfect for drawing attention to your store this Black Friday Weekend. Make sure all of your customers know that your store is holding a sales event with your lowest deals of the entire year!

Our Black Friday Blowout Arch Banner Kit is another wonderful way to highlight a specific item or display piece. Buy our standard design or customize your banner kit for a specific product or company. The kit Includes a 4-piece pole set with a carrying case, the arch banner, and two tire bases.

Don’t let time run out, order your Black Friday Sales decorations online today!

Product Information: Arch Banner Kit

  • Kit: 9 ft. 8″ tall X 7 ft. 7″ Wide
  • Banner Only: 5 ft. tall X 6 ft. 9″ wide
  • Indoor & Outdoor use

Are you looking for a way to add extra decoration to your car dealership or retail store? Call us at (877) 424-4433 for special orders or questions